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Developed upon the Dualframe 75 Si Tilt-before-Turn window, the Dualframe 75 Si Balcony window offers inward and outward openings with single and double door options.

Available with standard and low thresholds, this system provides exceptional performance thermally and for Air, Wind and Water Resistance.

The Dualframe 75 Si Balcony Window is suited for Juilet and other standard balcony applications. As with all Dualframe 75 Si windows, the aluminium Balcony window system was designed to achieve high thermal performance without foams or resorting to costly and complex sealed unit specifications.

The specialised profile range adds great flexibility when constructing windows where inward and outward-facing rebates have to be combined, without the need and expense of coupling sections or dummy frame to fixed lights. Universal frames can be used to create the most complex of screens easily combining casement, tilt before turn, and reversible opening lights, as well as inside and outside glazing. Combined with the option of having different finishes inside and out, the Si suite will give you endless choices.

System features of the Dualframe 75 Si Balcony aluminium window: 

  • Ease of internal cleaning of vents and aluminium frames with minimal impact on interior design elements
  • Tailed gaskets and centre seal reduces thermal radiation with no foam inserts needed
  • External beading requires no additional components to comply with BS7950
  • Superior thermal performance is achieved with a unique polyamide thermal barrier
  • Highest class weather performance for water tightness, air permeability and wind resistance

Design features of the Dualframe 75 Si Balcony aluminium window: 

  • Concealed hinges, flush vents and a flat profile ensures a simple, streamlined aesthetic and prevents a clash with plaster lines
  • 88mm sightline maximises viewing area and increases incoming natural light - all without compromising the U-value of this window system

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Dualframe 75 Si Brochure (pdf)

Product benefits


  • Glazing up to 47mm allowing improved acoustic performance


  • Key-operated handle, with turn mode only with key inserted, minimises risk of user-injury and product damage
  • Secured by Design Accredited


  • Dual-colour finish available allowing for flexibility in internal and external design
  • Concealed hinges within the frame removing colour matching issues
  • 88mm sightlines maximises viewing area and incoming natural light


  • Thermal Performance - A++ BFRC rating
  • Water Tightness - 600Pa / Class 9A
  • Air Permeability - 600Pa / Class 4
  • Wind Resistance - 2400Pa / Class E

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